eBook 4 Sale

eBook 4 Sale 3.3

Is an application that artists, writers, etc, can use to sell their work
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"eBook 4 Sale" is an application that artists, writers, musicans, etc. can use to sell their work over the web. After the artist/writer/musican adds their work, "eBook 4 Sale" can then generate for them a stand alone executable (this is the program the artist/writer/musican can sell). This executable (example: MyApp.exe) can then be uploaded to online services and placed on your web page. This executable will then make it's way throughout the web. Your eBook is easy to use, no messy installs, just download the eBook and run it. No additional software is needed. Your customers will be inspired to purchase the registration number from you to be able to view the entire contents of your eBook. With "eBook 4 Sale", you don't have to use the honor system in the hopes your customers will pay your registration fee (unless you want to go that route). Since they have your eBook on their computer, all you then need to do is send them the registration number when you receive their payment.

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